Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just an update

I had not posted anything about our family lately so thought I would write a little post! We are preparing for Christmas with the girls. They are so excited and can not wait for it to be Christmas. They have enjoyed every part of getting ready. Putting up the tree, hanging lights outside with their Daddy and making ornaments. I wish we could just do Christmas fun things all month long, but feel that the girls need the extra school work as well so we are fitting the fun in and trying to keep on track with our school work. We may not do all subjects every day, but we are trying to do most of it. Today I was sick so they did fun stuff instead of regular school and they were happy to do that. They painted a few pictures and played some computer games and such. I am starting to feel some better so hopefully tomorrow it will be back to regular school work. I would like to take the week before our break and just do Christmas things, like a lapbook and making cookies and watching Christmas movies and such. So hopefully I can get all that planned out.

I was blessed by my church family with a laptop! My old one was having some keyboard issues, which is why I had slacked off on blogging. When I type on it, it adds extra letters and symbols to my typing so it makes for a time consuming job. The new one is great and I love it so much! I still have to add a couple programs to it that I use for my church work. I am so blessed with a great church that I love so much! The Best Pastor and Wife ever! Thank you Jesus for blessing me with them!

Anyway, enough rambling about my life. Maybe now I can update and add some pictures real soon! Keep checking back you never know what you will find on my blog. I love sharing about giveaways and such so I do that often and as you seen in the previous post that sometimes I win! lol So check back. God Bless You all and enjoy this holiday season! Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

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