Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Terry and Tyler's Birthday!

Terry and Tyler's Birthday Cake! Hannah and Madison helped make it!
We did it half chocolate (for Tyler) and half white (for Terry)!
They were surprised
to see it with both flavors!

Terry eating his cake and ice cream! Wow he is 43 now!! lol

Tyler opening his cards and gifts! I can't believe he is 22 now!!
He will soon be a Daddy too! We are so proud of Tyler he is doing so good!

Trying out his fishing chair!! Carletta says it will be her chair!
He may have to go buy her one! lol

Carletta showing us her belly! She really didn't want me to
take a picture since she had been working all day and was tired and messy!
I had too though I don't get a lot of opportunities to take pictures!
I want to have some to show Moriah
( not sure if that is how her name will be spelled)
when she is older! She is going
to be so spoiled! lol

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