Monday, May 11, 2009

Tapestry of Grace Year 1 Unit 1 Review

We were given the Digital version of Year one Unit one Tapestry of Grace to review!
I must first say how excited I was to get the chance to try this program! I had heard among the homeschooling community that it was a great program. I was so excited! Well, we were sent the information to do our digital version and I was a bit overwhelmed! The digital set up was a bit complicated for me. Due to trying to keep people from sharing the information they have it all set up that it can not be shared. It is a process and takes a little work to get it all set up! If I had my choice of DE version or book version I would choose the book! The cost is a little more, but I feel it is worth the extra expense for this program to get the book!

To say that this program takes planning is an understatement! I worked on preparations for just the first few lessons for a couple weeks before starting. The book list is great and if you have read any of my other post you know that we don't have access to a inter library exchange where I live. So I had to substitute books that I could find and try to do the work without some that I really would have liked to had. So I don't much care for that, but anytime you are doing a unit study type learning you have to have other items that don't come with the lessons themselves and you have to just make due. I will say we really enjoyed learning about Egypt and the hands on lessons are AWESOME! That is defiantly our learning style! We love making and doing things. We learned a lot about pyramids and mummies and Egypt while using the lessons from TOG! So I enjoyed it. The cost is a big problem for us to continue this, but if someone was to give me book I would defiantly continue it with my girls! If you would like to read more reviews for TOG go here to the Homeschool Crew! Also check out TOG site here! Lots of information is available along with samples for you to see!

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