Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WriteShop Primary Book A (Ebook)

Sample list from WriteShop

Writing and Publishing Projects

  • Paper plate faces
  • Story clothesline
  • Paper cookie friendship book
  • Accordion story book
  • Paper plate story pocket
  • Rebus

Other Activities and Projects

  • Paper coins and purse/wallet (high-frequency vocabulary)
  • Pointers
  • Stick puppets
  • Motion songs
  • “Stand, Hop, Sit” game
  • Rhyming words placemat
  • Taking a “Bug Walk”
  • Stuffed animal “Editing Buddies”
We had the opportunity to again review an item from WriteShop! We received a copy of the E book Primary Book A (teachers guide) and the Activity Set Worksheet Pack Book A (E book)!
We really have enjoyed everything that we have reviewed from WriteShop! This was no different!

The teacher guide gives you step by step instructions on how to teach your children each lesson. There is a day to day schedule that is set up as a three week lesson plan, a two week lesson plan or a one week lesson plan. The three week being suggested for Kindergarten age. It spaces the lessons out so that the child doesn't get overwhelmed and makes it more fun. The one week is geared toward the second graders and they do a lesson or activity each day of the week. Of course one good thing that WriteShop stresses is the flexability to their program! If their schedule doesn't work for your family they say change it!

The teacher guide also shows you how you can teach your children at the same time and how to work the different levels. Giving you suggested schedules as well! This is a plus for a lot of people.

The teacher guide gives step by step instruction for each lesson! You really don't have to think about how to say anything it clearly tells you what to say. If you are looking for something that does this it may be exactly what you want! I personally don't do my school day this way and it is hard for me to follow exactly what they say. Of course you don't have to do it that way you can just use their general idea and go with it. If you are comfortable doing so!

Mostly I would like to STRESS that the teacher guide is a necessary part to WriteShop Primary Book's! There are a lot of ideas for getting your child's mind thinking about writing in the Teacher's guide!

ALONG with the Teacher's guide we also received the worksheet pack! No one will stop me from saying that the worksheet pack is my favorite! I especially love the worksheet pack! I love having these in E book form! I haven't always enjoyed E books, but when it comes to worksheets I do! I can print just the activities I want to use and I can print for one or both of my girls! I love it!!!

If you are looking for a fun and inspiring writing program give it a try. The cost is very reasonable as well! Go here and see the price list! Oh and I also want to mention that they are working on Book B and Book C! So go to the website and check them out! Also if you would like to read other Homeschool Crew reviews for this product go here! Have a great day and happy homeschooling!

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