Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TruthQuest Review

I don't know about you, but I have never really gotten into "history"! When I decided to homeschool my children I knew that I would have to relearn and learn to like things that I didn't enjoy much growing up! I want my kids to love history and science and all the other things that go with school! So I am trying to like things more! I love to do activities and hands on learning with my children the most. We like to read, but when we make something they seem to learn so much! So we have had the chance to try TruthQuest History! We received American History for Young Students II (1800-1865) I must say my first look at the book and I was already overwhelmed! There is so much information in the book! Books to search for at the library or online. I haven't had much luck finding the books I need at our library and they do not participate in the inter library exchange. So I am out of luck. I can not afford to buy book after book online either, so here we are reading the book itself and not much of the other books! The thing that I love about learning with my kids is activities and they do offer book ideas for that, but if you can't find the books you don't get to do the activities. I really wish they had some activities included in the books. One very positive for me was the fact that they are christian based! You don't have to worry about the secular teachings of public school with these books!

I also like the how the book itself is written, it is an easy read and fits well with the age of my children! I personally don't think I would buy this as a curriculum for us in the future, as I feel it takes a lot of preparation on the parents. I would prefer a book that had more of the information included and possibly the worksheets too! If you are blessed with a large library or one that can help you find the books you need, this would be great! I just haven't been blessed with that! I am thankful for the chance to try the curriculum! If you would like to read more reviews for TruthQuest go here! They have several different books for different ages as well as the one we reviewed!

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