Friday, April 3, 2009

Schleich Action Figures Review

We received a package from Schleich Action Figures a couple weeks ago to review for TOS Homeschool Crew and we were so impressed! We had been gone out of town for two weeks and when we arrived home the girls seen the box! They immediately wanted to know what it was! So we began opening the box and inside was individually wrapped animals! They each had their own package! They came with a tag attached that told the name of each animal as well! We received a horse, rooster, bear cub, pig, ostrich chick and a giraffe.
We were so happy with them! These are toys that we can keep forever! You don't have to worry that your kids are going to destroy them in five minutes!

They are so neat and detailed! My friend said maybe a little too detailed! lol Especially the horse! lol We love them and plan to use them with our school and more than likely buy more!

I have to admit, I did put them out of reach for a little while thinking I didn't want them to get lost! I have sense taken them down and let the girls play with them.

I did tell them we need to keep them with our school things so they don't go to the world of lost toys in their room! lol

Thanks Schleich for making good quality toys that my children and I can play with for years to come!
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