Monday, April 20, 2009

Apologia Science Review

So are you looking for a science curriculum for your kids? I think you just found it! As I have stated in past post that I have struggled with teaching certain subjects to my kids and science has been one of them! Not with Apologia! We love hands on activities to go along with our reading and learning. Well, that is what Apologia Science does! We reviewed Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day! We love it! There is so much information in the book! The best part is the activities! I must say the first chapter was a bit for my Kindergartner and Second Grader! Once we read through that they were loving it! Learning about birds and watching them outside was great! They have taken a great interest in bird watching with their Grandpa (my Daddy) and now they are seeing it even more! Grandpa is a big bird watcher and always feeds the birds and squirrels! He even has a little bird area set up outside of his window. We have seen a lot of different birds sitting and looking out that window!

Now, let me tell you that Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day covers a lot more than birds! We haven't gotten that far yet, but we will! It also covers bats, bees, butterflies and lots more! It is also Christian based, which we feel is very important! Trying this curriculum has won me over to Apologia! We will be buying more and more from this wonderful company!

So if you are looking for a curriculum that has the freedom to learn at your pace, with a hands on approach than I think that Apologia is for you! You can go to their site and read more there about all the different books that they offer! Also go to the Homeschool Crew and read other crew members reviews about this and other products from Apologia!

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