Friday, March 6, 2009


Spelling software for mastering spelling words fast!

Do your kids struggle with learning their weekly spelling words? Do you sit with them nightly going over the list verbally with them only to end in frustration? How would you like a program that will excite your kids into learning their spelling words? While also freeing you up from sitting with them while they are learning! SpellQuizzer does just that! With the program, your computer and a microphone you enter your kids spelling words verbally with your microphone and when they are ready to practice they go on the program and listen to your voice and then type in the words! You also can type in a written description of the word! SpellQuizzer will tell them if they are right or wrong and at the end give them the opportunity to retry the words they missed! It is a really neat way for your kids to practice their spelling!

The program is easy to function and work both for the parents and the kids!
My kids love anything to do with going on the computer to learn!

SpellQuizzer also has a wonderful Try before you buy on their site! So you can go to the site and try it out for FREE! If you decide you want the program it is only $29.95! Now this is great and will last the entire time your kids are in school! Also great for just keeping up with spelling as a grown up! lol Our spelling does tend to get worse with age! So go and check out the site and see what you think! We give it a big thumbs up!

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