Friday, March 13, 2009

One2believe Noah's Ark Set

One2believe has done it again for our family! We have fell in love with the Noah's ark set that we were sent to review! The day that the set arrived at our house the girls were so excited to see what was inside the box! In fact the picture on the outside had us all stumped! It was a teddy bear box! lol So when we opened it and see that it was Noah's ark and it had all these beautiful animals we were so excited! It didn't take long for the girls to get over the fact that they weren't getting a teddy bear! lol So we opened it all up and rescued the animals out of the individual plastic wrapping! lol After the animals came Noah and his small staff! lol Which by the way I put up in the cabinet so it wouldn't be lost or used as a toothpick! lol So we had all the pieces out and the girls played for a few minutes before my little one said "Mom, I want to take a bath! " I told her it was not bath time, but she insisted that she go take a bath and that the Noah's ark and all the animals go with her! lol So we went and got things set up in the bathtub and put the Noah's ark to the water proof test! She was so excited and she played for a long time with the ark that floats! lol Then when she was done we put it out to dry and packaged it all neatly inside the ark and placed it in it's new spot with all the educational toys! lol That is so we don't loose it in the toy box! lol The Noah's ark has been to church with us too! We had to take it and show it there as well! We are very pleased with the ark as well as the Nativity set that we received to review from One2believe! It is a great investment that I would recommend to every family! I feel that this would be a great investment to anyone who works with children as well, daycare, Sunday school teachers, church nursery workers and more! Go to One2believe and see what other products that your family may use. Let's support a great company that is trying to provide wholesome toys for our children!

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