Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Pure Lovely Blog Contest!

This is copied from Just Pure Lovely Blog!

A BIG Giveaway! $150 Worth of Fashion Office Line Products
One of my favorite things to do is browse around in a stationery shop. You can just have the clothing and shoe departments; I'll be in the office supplies aisle at the local grocery/everything store. There is something about the smell, the feel, the very sight of paper and pencils, ink and organizers that inspire me to write the Great American Novel (or...a grocery list). Because of my obsession with all things that have to do with "paper" and "writing" and "organizing" (oh, my!), I am So. Very. Delighted to host this BIG ($150 value) giveaway from Carolina Pad for one of you.Are you a fun-loving, colorful gal who loves polkadots and stripes? This set is called "Eye Candy:"
Or are you more of a fashionista, into black, green, pink, and cool designs? This set is called "Simply Chic:" The winner of this giveaway gets to choose which set to call her (his?) own! I know, I know. How can you ever choose? I'll leave that dilemma to the winner. I couldn't choose, so I own parts of both sets. I use the Eye Candy pieces for schooling and the Simply Chic pieces in my little office for organizing and for writing. The quality and colors are not only fabulous (and much more vibrant than in the photos above - my favorite piece is the faux leather notebook cover from the Simply Chic line - above, mid right. It is hot, hot pink)...not only are the products well made, but there is the added benefit of getting more organizing, writing and schooling done because I'm excited to use my pretty new products! Carolina Pad is the maker of these fine products and they want to share a $150 set of their products with one of you. The winner will choose either the Eye Candy set or the Simply Chic set, shipped to her/him, for...free!

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