Monday, March 2, 2009

Heads Up!

Do your kids struggle with a learning disability? Maybe just have a hard time concentrating on their work? Heads Up is a great place to get some great tools to help your kids learn better! We were given the chance to try a few of their products recently and I would like to share them with you!

Heads Up Top of the Line!

This product helps your kids to stay focused on what they are reading! They can keep their place! My daughter struggles with getting off the line and she will read the wrong line, this eliminates that! They must move the bookmark shaped guide down the page as they read each sentence. This was the biggest challenge for us! Getting my daughter to read the line then only move one line to the next line. Overall though it was a success and I can see us using these till they wear out or get lost! lol And you can not beat the price! $1.00 each! I love that!

These frames are designed to help your children not be overwhelmed with the whole page of work. You can set just a section of work and they will know that is all they have to consecrate on and not the entire page of work. My daughter starts having a meltdown when she sees a whole sheet of math! These are great for that. Just section off a section to be done during your math time and not worry about the rest until that is accomplished or another day! I think this is awesome and will save me a lot of meltdowns! Thanks Heads Up! Again the price is AWESOME! Only $1.00 each!

Heads Up Reader!
These are a another great tool! They help the child to read just the line, unlike the previous ones these have a colored strip with black strips above and below. My daughter had a hard time with these getting the concept of moving it as she read the line. As long as I was right beside her helping her it worked, but when I walked away she was lost. I think with a lot more time and practice she could come to use these on a regular basis though. She is only 7 and is a beginning reader! She is doing great though and I feel that Heads Up is going to make her do even better! Thanks again Heads up for allowing our family the chance to try your products! Again these are priced great! Go and check out their site here! They have a lot more great products that you may enjoy! Check them out!

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