Saturday, March 7, 2009

Artist Pursuits K-3

We had the opportunity to try Artistic Pursuits K-3 Book 1! I have not done much of the actual art with my children from this book, so I ask my artistic friend to look it over for me and tell me what she thought! She is a certified art teacher! She has taught lots of different classes with different age groups. In fact she has taught several homeschool co-op classes and she doesn't have any children! So I feel that this review is based upon her EXPERT opinion!

We feel that this is a good program with lots of good qualities! Some of the lessons seem kinda "heavy" in her words! She thinks that a Kindergarten age would have a hard time grasping a lot of the lessons. Although they could learn a lot about the different mediums! Using all the different things to do art is great for kids! I told her that I couldn't see using some of them with my kids due to expense and mess! Although she encouraged me to do so! lol So over all we think that the program is good! I think that the price is a bit high! My friend does not! She knows more about the art world and prices then I do! So I take her word for it! I just feel that as a homeschool family we are always stretching each and every dollar and I couldn't justify buying a curriculum for the price and then buying all my supplies!

So you can go here and find out more information!

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