Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WriteShop StoryBuilders

Okay here we go! lol We were given two of Writeshop's StoryBuilders ebooks to try! We got World of Animals and World of Sports!

Let me tell you a bit about the StoryBuilders set up! They come with cards that you print yourself on different colored cardstock or paper. One set for each of these categories!
  1. Character
  2. Character Trait
  3. Setting
  4. Plot

The ebook gives you lots of ideas in how to use the cards! Even games! My girls are ages 5 and 7 so we went just taking the cards and picking one from each category and making up silly sentences and stories. I must say they loved it! Even Daddy got in on the fun with us! I feel that it made their creative juices flowing in how you can make up your own stories. I can't wait till my 7 year old gets more familiar with writing sentences to use it with her in writing what she is saying! These ebooks are very reasonably priced at $7.95 each! No shipping! All sent through email! So if you have a reluctant writer or just want to challenge your children to be creative, this is a great tool! We love it and even today when I got the cards out my girls were cheering! They enjoy using it! So go check it out! Writeshop also has other topics and more for the older kids as well!

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