Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Math Tutor DVD's

Math Tutor DVD is a program to help your kids do better in Math! Do your kids struggle with certain parts of learning math or maybe with math in general? Math Tutor DVD just may be what your looking for! We were sent two of the DVD's to try. The first was The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor. When I first put this DVD in and sat down with my 7 year old, she wasn't too happy! She felt that it was boring and personally I agreed! There is a man standing there in front of a dry erase board and he is telling about word problems in a plain and unexciting voice. He proceeds to write on the board and then draws a few illustrations to demonstrate the problem. Well, the amazing part was the more we worked the problems the more my daughter didn't mind doing them. She really was catching on to the way that the problems were being illustrated. I personally didn't care for the DVD's but if my child was having a hard time in one of the areas covered on the DVD's I would use it. It does teach what needs to be taught, it is just a little plain. One good thing about having a DVD is the different catagories are listed on the back of the DVD and you can skip right to what you are needing to cover with you kids. So no sitting through the DVD and watching things your kids don't need to cover. You can go directly to what you want to cover.
We worked all the problems for addition and subtraction and she couldn't believe it was done. We still have the DVD for future reference as we get into the rest of the math covered on it. I do see us using it since we have it, but I don't really see me buying another one. Now, you may have kids or you yourself may learn great this way. So I suggest going to the site and watch a free sample and see what you think. There are some great buys on the site as well. Special prices on DVD bundles!

We were not really able to try out the Algebra 2 Tutor due to my kids being 5 and 7. I do feel that as my kids get into Algebra we will try the DVD to help them. Want to know more go here and see some samples and see what you think.

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