Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wildlife Supper

We had a little something different at church last night!

A Wildlife Supper!

We have several hunters in our church and our Pastor decided to have a special dinner to let them share their favorite wildlife dishes.

We had a lot of different foods that you don't have everyday there to taste.

Crawfish, Deer Chili, Deer Stir Fry, Rabbit, Coon and lots more
that I can't remember! lol

I am not one to taste things so I can't tell you what a lot of it taste like, but it was fun laughing and watching the others eat different kinds of foods. We also had some regular food for those like me that won't eat the wild stuff!

They lableled the counter in front of the food so everyone would know what they were getting!

We had a crowd to show up for the Supper too!

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