Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Salem Ridge Press

Let me tell you about a place where you can get wholesome books for your family!

Salem Ridge Press

We had the opportunity to review 3 of their books and we were well pleased with them!

As a little background my girls are ages 5 and 7. We have not really done a lot of history or literature with them as of yet. So when it comes to sitting down and listening to a story that doesn't have pictures and has strange wording they are not very excited. So two of the books I did not read with them. They are not the ages recommended anyway. So my review of those two books is based on my views of the books.

The first book that I will start with is Mary Jane Her Book

This is a story about a little girl, which was perfect for my girls. They love hearing about
little girls like them! Mary Jane is 5 years old and the story tells about her everyday life and her friends and special doll! This was a cute story that we enjoyed very much.
The book is for ages 6-10 years old children. I would think that girls would enjoy it more than boys. You can read the first chapter of this book HERE!
Glaucia The Greek Slave was a little different book! It took me a little while to get into this book. Now, you must take into consideration that I am a Mom of two girls ages 5 and 7 and I don't have a lot of free time to just lock myself away and read. So reading this book was a challenge for me, just because I don't get much quiet time.

The story starts out about two young children that are being sold into slavery due to a debt that was owed by their father after his death. Just that aspect of having just lost their father now being sold as slaves and being separated was enough to make your heart break!

If you like history and a good story you will love this book! It is for ages 10 to Adult! You can read the first chapter of the book HERE!
The American Twins of the Revolution is the last book of what we reviewed from Salem Ridge Press. This book is written about twins Sally and Roger and the adventure that they are taking with their mother to help General Washington! If you like a book with a lot of excitement and adventure this is for you! This book has some wording that if you were reading it out loud it might be hard to get the accent across. It is how they would have spoken in the time of the book though and I feel that it needs to be in the book. This book was first published in 1926. It is for ages 8 to Adult. You can read the first chapter of the book HERE!

Even though two of these books were not age appropriate for my kids at this time I am glad that we will have them for the future to use with them in the coming years. If you are looking for great books to use with your children then check out Salem Ridge Press ! If you would like to read more reviews of books from Salem Ridge Press you can visit the The Homeschool Crew here!

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