Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peterson's Directed Handwriting

Handwriting? How do you teach a child to write? Well, if you are like me you do what you know. Handwriting has always been one of those subjects that stresses me and my children. We have had many days of tears due to handwriting issues. Forming letters correctly and the right size. When my oldest was learning, we were beyond frustration and had to just back up and not worry so much. She did eventually learn to write better, but she is still not a great writer. Although, she now will write things without it being a chore to do. And so when we were given the chance to try Peterson's Directed Handwriting Curriculum, I was excited that I would be able to make my daughters techniques and style better. That she would become a better writer. Well...... I am sad to say, we were not able to use the curriculum. It is just too much work to implement into our home school. First of all, the lessons are so different. My daughter was just too used to the way we have always done things. This was bringing back those tears and frustration on my part and I just don't want that. The requirement for desk height was a major problem. We are a HOME school family. We do school at the dining room table and we can't cut the legs off our table. My husband was going to try to build a seat for her to sit on, but never was able to do so. The last thing that was more frustrating for my daughter was the angle of the paper. She just has never done that and I really tried to get it through to her, but she would get upset. So I gave up. This one feature of the curriculum, I really could see helping her. Anyway, you have to do what is best for your family. My other daughter is in Kindergarten and is just starting to write, so we may actually try a little harder doing some of the things that the curriculum teaches with her. One thing I would like to stress to you is that not every curriculum works for everyone. Read other reviews of products before you decide. What may not work for my family, may very well work for yours. So go and check out the other reviews at the TOS Crew site before deciding on this curriculum. Just for my family so far it has not been a working curriculum. Oh one more thing, I want you to know if you have questions about the curriculum at Peterson's Directed Handwriting the customer service is AWESOME. Rand Nelson was so willing to help us in anyway he could. Too bad he couldn't just come and show us hands on. lol Thank you, Mr.Nelson for all you did to try to help our family. May your company be blessed.

This review was originally posted in January 2009! I re-posted due to an spelling error I had made. Thanks to the person who let me know about my mistake!

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