Monday, January 5, 2009


Let me tell you about KinderBach! We have had the opportunity to try Kinderbach's online Piano lessons the last couple of months. My kids really love it! Every time I said let's do Kinderbach they were very eager to do so. My oldest had gotten a piano that teaches you keys and also lets you play games when hooked up to the television, so we unhooked that piano and used it with the Kinderbach lessons. That worked for a little while and then I found a small keyboard for $2.00 at a yard sale.

My youngest enjoyed coloring the coloring pages that are on PDF. They especially loved the little characters, with Frisco being the ultimate favorite. This is a program that I would really like to continue with my girls but, I think I would rather have the DVD program then the online program. With just one computer and having to be protective about it, I can't just let them do the lessons without me right there. If I had the DVD program, I could let them work the player for the DVD alone or with less participation on my part.

Kinderbach has a great thing available, that you can try 2 of the online lessons free! Check out the prices.....

The Bronze plan gets you access to all web lessons (over 300 lessons) And Accompanying PDF files all for the total price of $85.95 if paid at once and if paid monthly it is $14.95.

They have different prices for the DVD sets depending on what you buy. The total price for all the sessions on DVD is $217.75 that includes all 30 lessons and 4 songbooks. They have other sets with fewer lessons to make it easier to afford. You can buy a few lessons at a time. Go here and see what I mean. This is defiantly what I would like to do for my girls. One last thing I have to say about Kinderbach, is my oldest who is 7 seen that I was writing my review and she wanted to help. So I ask her what she thought of it and all she could say was I really liked it! So I guess that sums it all up for our family. We really like it!

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