Sunday, January 25, 2009

All About Homophones!

Let me tell you about a wonderful tool for your Homeschool! My oldest daughter has been using this ebook from All About Homophones and she is learning so much! We have been using the worksheets and she is understanding it! I am so happy! You don't realize until you are put in the position to show your children the simple things that you learned and forgot. How to explain that some words sound the same, but are spelled different and mean something totally different as well. This is the program for you. It shows the kids the difference with worksheets, card games crossword puzzles, and graphic organizers. We are already doing a lot of the worksheets, my next thing is to start a graphic organizer. It is a great program and I see us using it more and more. Now you can purchase this in book form or ebook form. We have the ebook and you have to print what you use of the program yourself. I don't mind that, I just print what I am using for that day or that week. If you don't like printing you can buy it in book form for just a little more. All the pricing information is on their site so check it out. Want to know more check out ALL ABOUT HOMOPHONES here! Also don't forget you can read the other crew members reviews of this product as well here!

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