Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just an update

I had not posted anything about our family lately so thought I would write a little post! We are preparing for Christmas with the girls. They are so excited and can not wait for it to be Christmas. They have enjoyed every part of getting ready. Putting up the tree, hanging lights outside with their Daddy and making ornaments. I wish we could just do Christmas fun things all month long, but feel that the girls need the extra school work as well so we are fitting the fun in and trying to keep on track with our school work. We may not do all subjects every day, but we are trying to do most of it. Today I was sick so they did fun stuff instead of regular school and they were happy to do that. They painted a few pictures and played some computer games and such. I am starting to feel some better so hopefully tomorrow it will be back to regular school work. I would like to take the week before our break and just do Christmas things, like a lapbook and making cookies and watching Christmas movies and such. So hopefully I can get all that planned out.

I was blessed by my church family with a laptop! My old one was having some keyboard issues, which is why I had slacked off on blogging. When I type on it, it adds extra letters and symbols to my typing so it makes for a time consuming job. The new one is great and I love it so much! I still have to add a couple programs to it that I use for my church work. I am so blessed with a great church that I love so much! The Best Pastor and Wife ever! Thank you Jesus for blessing me with them!

Anyway, enough rambling about my life. Maybe now I can update and add some pictures real soon! Keep checking back you never know what you will find on my blog. I love sharing about giveaways and such so I do that often and as you seen in the previous post that sometimes I win! lol So check back. God Bless You all and enjoy this holiday season! Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Win a copy of Tales of the Heartily

You can win a copy at Quiverfull Family blog! The contest ends on Nov. 12th so go and enter today! She has lots of ways to get entries to read the post and make your entries!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Plants Lapbook Review

If you are looking for a detailed supplement to your plants lessons this is a lapbook for you. My kids love to make lapbooks and it enhances what we are learning about. What is better than hands on activities to helps with learning and is also fun? With 25 different activities to do you will love it. If you have young children you can pick and choose the activities to fit them. Lapbooks are fun and educational and this one is no different than any lapbooks from Hands of a Child. Also don't worry if you need a little refresher course yourself, with the guide you will learn all over again. I encourage you to try this lapbook if you are learning about plants it is filled with great things! If you would like to buy this lapbook go to Currclick and order a copy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Win a CD from Teaching Heart Mom

Win a free CD from Teaching Heart Mom! Go here to find out how to win.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I just found out that I won something at the Homeschool Open House!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We made a Pirate Lapbook the first week of school and I had gotten these goodies at Dollar Tree to go with the lapbook learning!

Homeschool FUN!

One of our homeschool days! Kinda behind on posting some of our first homeschool days pictures for this year!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Our School Plans for 2009-2010

2009-2010 School Year

We will be starting our new school year officially on Monday and I actually think my kids are excited! Mind you learning for us really never ends, we just disguise it as fun! This summer I have been amazed at how many times my kids have initiated the learning! Whether it was playing school or writing letters to friends or just plain reading books they have been learning all summer long! I have been a very proud Mom! Anyway our plans for this school year are as follows!

My oldest Daughter
3 rd grade this year
For 5 subjects she will be using Switched on Schoolhouse
We will also try to do some art and lapbooking along side for fun and to break the routine a bit.

My youngest daughter
1st grade this year
For Math, Phonics and Handwriting she will be using Horizon's
We will do lots of playing games and lapbooks too!
Also we are going to use Hooked on Phonics to learn to read this year! She is very excited about learning to read!

So that is our plans for this school year! Pray for us that we stick to the plans and accomplish what we need to get done!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Introducing our first grandchild!!!

Baby Morriah and her Daddy!

Proud Papaw Terry with Baby Morriah!

She was born on July 21, 2009
weight: 7lb's 13 oz
19 1/2 inches long

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Molly's Money-Saving Digest coming in August!

Molly's Money-Saving Digest
(August issue)

I had the chance to read the upcoming Molly's Money-Saving Digest for August! It will be released soon so you can get your copy!

I was anticipating trying one of the digest since her first one was released in January. So I had a chance to read the August issue and I also get to tell you what I thought! So that is great!

Well, I loved it! I can see myself buying these! They are only $4.95 and issue and they are jam packed full of great money-saving tips and ideas to use with your family!

The August issue is based on the theme of "Organization"! I need that so badly and couldn't wait to hear ideas for it! I wasn't disappointed! Now, I must say that most of the tips for how to start your process of cleaning closets and the garage are not new to me, seeing it all in black and white is a motivator to begin! lol There were little nuggets of information that I had never thought of before too! Since I am a visual learner the added pictures make this even a better help to me!

Now, I must say this issue is not just how to clean out your closet, garage and kitchen! lol Also your recipes and your mail! lol Oh and also a whole lot more!!! She also shares with us how to conquer all those excuses for not throwing things out! Like so and so gave this to me! lol and a lot more! This is so helpful, as I am a pack rat and I think I am turning my kids into pack rats as well!

Molly also shares with us many recipes for Make Ahead Mixes from Marmee as well! You know like the kind you buy in the store! Cookie mixes, biscuit mixes, muffin mixes and a lot more! You can save money by making these yourself! You can have these on hand for anytime you need something quick! So, what are you waiting for try Molly's Money-Saving Digest today! Go here for more information! The August issue will be released soon, and you can get the July now!

Publish Post

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Coming Soon!

Our granddaughter will be here soon! Carletta is doing so good!
We can't wait to see little Moriah!

We did request that she wait till we get back from a short trip we
are taking this weekend! lol
She isn't due till the end of the month, but you never know!

Monday, June 29, 2009

A great visit with cousins!

Cousins! We had a visit with my cousins from Ohio!
The girls had such a great time!

At the bowling alley! Mona with my Daddy!

My cousins Debbie and Mona!

Heather (Bean) with Hannah and Madison!

Hannah's 8th birthday!

Wow! I can't believe that she is 8!!!
We had a real simple celebration this year!
Just cake and ice cream with the family!

Hannah wearing her new outfit she picked out for her birthday!
She wanted clothes this year instead of toys! :) Wow she is growing up! lol

Of course we had to have noise makers! lol
Madison enjoyed those soooo much!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Camp Yadah 2009

Our girls all dressed up!!

The whole crew!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just another reminder to why I homeschool my kids!

Check out this article.... Mandatory "gay" day for K-5 students!

Not that I really needed another reminder! And some may say this is California, but I have heard of this subject being taught right here in my area!! I don't teach my kids at home just for this reason, I have lots of reasons! My biggest one is that I want to be with my children and them to learn my values not the school systems values! Anyway I wanted to share this article with anyone who is interested! Just click the link to it above!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mamaw and Lemons!

My girls and I go to the nursing home every Friday to visit with Mamaw!
This week the girls spotted lemons on Mamaws table and she cut them some to try!
It was funny to see! I took a short video and thought I would share it here!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Terry and Tyler's Birthday!

Terry and Tyler's Birthday Cake! Hannah and Madison helped make it!
We did it half chocolate (for Tyler) and half white (for Terry)!
They were surprised
to see it with both flavors!

Terry eating his cake and ice cream! Wow he is 43 now!! lol

Tyler opening his cards and gifts! I can't believe he is 22 now!!
He will soon be a Daddy too! We are so proud of Tyler he is doing so good!

Trying out his fishing chair!! Carletta says it will be her chair!
He may have to go buy her one! lol

Carletta showing us her belly! She really didn't want me to
take a picture since she had been working all day and was tired and messy!
I had too though I don't get a lot of opportunities to take pictures!
I want to have some to show Moriah
( not sure if that is how her name will be spelled)
when she is older! She is going
to be so spoiled! lol

Family blogging is back!!!

We have been a part of the Homeschool Crew for the last 9 months and now our term is over so we will be returning our blog back to family and school things! We may occasionally do a review, but not very often! So be sure to come and view our blog and see what is happening at our house!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Read and Share DVD Bible Volume 1

Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers I was given the chance to review the Read and Share DVD Bible Volume 1 ! My children love to watch cartoons just like most children do and I am always looking for good wholesome cartoons for them to watch. So when I had this chance I was excited to try it! The DVD has 13 Bible stories included on the DVD! Each one only lasting 3 minutes! That would be perfect for really young children with short attention spans! My girls being ages 6 and almost 8 were not so impressed! They watched and listened, but they made it clear that this wasn't going to be a DVD they wanted to watch over and over again. I think mostly due to the shortness of the stories. They love hearing Bible stories and they loved the characters and the quality of the cartoons, but they are just too short for my girls ages. So if you are looking for a DVD for the really young children this would be great! I plan to save it for my first grandchild due to be born in July! :) She will love it! You can go here and get your copy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tapestry of Grace Year 1 Unit 1 Review

We were given the Digital version of Year one Unit one Tapestry of Grace to review!
I must first say how excited I was to get the chance to try this program! I had heard among the homeschooling community that it was a great program. I was so excited! Well, we were sent the information to do our digital version and I was a bit overwhelmed! The digital set up was a bit complicated for me. Due to trying to keep people from sharing the information they have it all set up that it can not be shared. It is a process and takes a little work to get it all set up! If I had my choice of DE version or book version I would choose the book! The cost is a little more, but I feel it is worth the extra expense for this program to get the book!

To say that this program takes planning is an understatement! I worked on preparations for just the first few lessons for a couple weeks before starting. The book list is great and if you have read any of my other post you know that we don't have access to a inter library exchange where I live. So I had to substitute books that I could find and try to do the work without some that I really would have liked to had. So I don't much care for that, but anytime you are doing a unit study type learning you have to have other items that don't come with the lessons themselves and you have to just make due. I will say we really enjoyed learning about Egypt and the hands on lessons are AWESOME! That is defiantly our learning style! We love making and doing things. We learned a lot about pyramids and mummies and Egypt while using the lessons from TOG! So I enjoyed it. The cost is a big problem for us to continue this, but if someone was to give me book I would defiantly continue it with my girls! If you would like to read more reviews for TOG go here to the Homeschool Crew! Also check out TOG site here! Lots of information is available along with samples for you to see!

Memoria Press

Do your kids need to practice their handwriting as much as mine do? This is a great Bible based copy book program! We received two of each of the three copy books to try. My oldest hates to do handwriting, absolutely hates it! So when I got these I thought okay here we go again.. well, it was different! She likes copying bible verses and drawing pictures of what the verse means to her! This is a great program! I am so glad I could get it for my girls. My youngest doesn't mind tracing and practicing her letters, she compiles real well with this program! She is just really starting to write things on her own and all this practice is just what she needs! So are you looking for a way for your kids to practice their handwriting? Go here and check out what Memoria Press has for you! Oh you can see Sample pages here too!

We have been in search of a Bible program to teach our children for some time. We were given the chance to review the Christian Studies set from Memoria Press and we are very well pleased. We were sent the teachers manual and one student workbook. We have done some of the reading and answering questions, but it is a bit advanced for my girls right now. I do see us using it in the future to a greater extent. It is recommended for 3rd grade and up. I have read over the lessons though and I am so excited about using it with my girls in the future. We received book 1 and it covers Creation to Moses' Last Words. So want to know more? Go here and check out Memoria Press! They have a lot of different products that you may enjoy in your homeschool.

You can read more reviews of products from Memoria Press here at the Homeschool Crew!

Critical Thinking

We had the privilege of reviewing 2 book from The Critical Thinking Co. Building Thinking Skills Primary grades K-1 and Level 1 for grades 2-3. We have enjoyed using the books in our homeschool day! The workbook pages are very colorful and easy to understand in the directions as well.

The Level 1 book covers....
  • Logical Thinking
  • Similarities & Differences
  • Sequences
  • Classifications
  • Analogies
  • Antonyms & Synonyms
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Following and Writing Directions
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Geometry Concepts
  • Map Reading
  • Graphic Organizers
  • and much more!

    My oldest has learned a lot about following directions since using this workbook. She can pretty much read the instructions and do these worksheets without help. That makes my job a lot easier and gives me more time to work with my youngest! So I love that!

You can see samples here!

The Primary book covers....
  • Similarities and Differences
  • Writing Skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Classifying
  • Describing
  • Analogies
  • Occupations/Vehicles/Buildings
  • Plants and Animals
  • Family Members
  • Number Sense
  • Geometry
  • Much MORE!

See Samples here!

I love this workbook so much! There is so much that my youngest has learned from this one! The Primary book covers so much information! Of course it is meant to be a year long process so it isn't too overwhelming. It is easy to explain and fun for my daughter to do. She has enjoyed doing the work in this book! The only thing that I don't care for is that the pages are not perforated. Several people suggested taking the book to an office store and having the binding cut off and holes punched for a notebook. I don't live in a location for that, so I just tore mine out of the book. Then decided to just keep them in the book. So that is the only issue that I have with the books.

Overall, we loved the Critical Thinking Books and would highly recommend them for anyone who likes to use workbooks in their homeschool day! They have even more books and other learning tools available at The Critical Thinking Co. Go and check them out today!

You can also read a lot more reviews for The Critical Thinking Co. at the Homeschool Crew! Just go here!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WriteShop Primary Book A (Ebook)

Sample list from WriteShop

Writing and Publishing Projects

  • Paper plate faces
  • Story clothesline
  • Paper cookie friendship book
  • Accordion story book
  • Paper plate story pocket
  • Rebus

Other Activities and Projects

  • Paper coins and purse/wallet (high-frequency vocabulary)
  • Pointers
  • Stick puppets
  • Motion songs
  • “Stand, Hop, Sit” game
  • Rhyming words placemat
  • Taking a “Bug Walk”
  • Stuffed animal “Editing Buddies”
We had the opportunity to again review an item from WriteShop! We received a copy of the E book Primary Book A (teachers guide) and the Activity Set Worksheet Pack Book A (E book)!
We really have enjoyed everything that we have reviewed from WriteShop! This was no different!

The teacher guide gives you step by step instructions on how to teach your children each lesson. There is a day to day schedule that is set up as a three week lesson plan, a two week lesson plan or a one week lesson plan. The three week being suggested for Kindergarten age. It spaces the lessons out so that the child doesn't get overwhelmed and makes it more fun. The one week is geared toward the second graders and they do a lesson or activity each day of the week. Of course one good thing that WriteShop stresses is the flexability to their program! If their schedule doesn't work for your family they say change it!

The teacher guide also shows you how you can teach your children at the same time and how to work the different levels. Giving you suggested schedules as well! This is a plus for a lot of people.

The teacher guide gives step by step instruction for each lesson! You really don't have to think about how to say anything it clearly tells you what to say. If you are looking for something that does this it may be exactly what you want! I personally don't do my school day this way and it is hard for me to follow exactly what they say. Of course you don't have to do it that way you can just use their general idea and go with it. If you are comfortable doing so!

Mostly I would like to STRESS that the teacher guide is a necessary part to WriteShop Primary Book's! There are a lot of ideas for getting your child's mind thinking about writing in the Teacher's guide!

ALONG with the Teacher's guide we also received the worksheet pack! No one will stop me from saying that the worksheet pack is my favorite! I especially love the worksheet pack! I love having these in E book form! I haven't always enjoyed E books, but when it comes to worksheets I do! I can print just the activities I want to use and I can print for one or both of my girls! I love it!!!

If you are looking for a fun and inspiring writing program give it a try. The cost is very reasonable as well! Go here and see the price list! Oh and I also want to mention that they are working on Book B and Book C! So go to the website and check them out! Also if you would like to read other Homeschool Crew reviews for this product go here! Have a great day and happy homeschooling!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Apologia Science Review

So are you looking for a science curriculum for your kids? I think you just found it! As I have stated in past post that I have struggled with teaching certain subjects to my kids and science has been one of them! Not with Apologia! We love hands on activities to go along with our reading and learning. Well, that is what Apologia Science does! We reviewed Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day! We love it! There is so much information in the book! The best part is the activities! I must say the first chapter was a bit for my Kindergartner and Second Grader! Once we read through that they were loving it! Learning about birds and watching them outside was great! They have taken a great interest in bird watching with their Grandpa (my Daddy) and now they are seeing it even more! Grandpa is a big bird watcher and always feeds the birds and squirrels! He even has a little bird area set up outside of his window. We have seen a lot of different birds sitting and looking out that window!

Now, let me tell you that Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day covers a lot more than birds! We haven't gotten that far yet, but we will! It also covers bats, bees, butterflies and lots more! It is also Christian based, which we feel is very important! Trying this curriculum has won me over to Apologia! We will be buying more and more from this wonderful company!

So if you are looking for a curriculum that has the freedom to learn at your pace, with a hands on approach than I think that Apologia is for you! You can go to their site and read more there about all the different books that they offer! Also go to the Homeschool Crew and read other crew members reviews about this and other products from Apologia!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TruthQuest Review

I don't know about you, but I have never really gotten into "history"! When I decided to homeschool my children I knew that I would have to relearn and learn to like things that I didn't enjoy much growing up! I want my kids to love history and science and all the other things that go with school! So I am trying to like things more! I love to do activities and hands on learning with my children the most. We like to read, but when we make something they seem to learn so much! So we have had the chance to try TruthQuest History! We received American History for Young Students II (1800-1865) I must say my first look at the book and I was already overwhelmed! There is so much information in the book! Books to search for at the library or online. I haven't had much luck finding the books I need at our library and they do not participate in the inter library exchange. So I am out of luck. I can not afford to buy book after book online either, so here we are reading the book itself and not much of the other books! The thing that I love about learning with my kids is activities and they do offer book ideas for that, but if you can't find the books you don't get to do the activities. I really wish they had some activities included in the books. One very positive for me was the fact that they are christian based! You don't have to worry about the secular teachings of public school with these books!

I also like the how the book itself is written, it is an easy read and fits well with the age of my children! I personally don't think I would buy this as a curriculum for us in the future, as I feel it takes a lot of preparation on the parents. I would prefer a book that had more of the information included and possibly the worksheets too! If you are blessed with a large library or one that can help you find the books you need, this would be great! I just haven't been blessed with that! I am thankful for the chance to try the curriculum! If you would like to read more reviews for TruthQuest go here! They have several different books for different ages as well as the one we reviewed!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Schleich Action Figures Review

We received a package from Schleich Action Figures a couple weeks ago to review for TOS Homeschool Crew and we were so impressed! We had been gone out of town for two weeks and when we arrived home the girls seen the box! They immediately wanted to know what it was! So we began opening the box and inside was individually wrapped animals! They each had their own package! They came with a tag attached that told the name of each animal as well! We received a horse, rooster, bear cub, pig, ostrich chick and a giraffe.
We were so happy with them! These are toys that we can keep forever! You don't have to worry that your kids are going to destroy them in five minutes!

They are so neat and detailed! My friend said maybe a little too detailed! lol Especially the horse! lol We love them and plan to use them with our school and more than likely buy more!

I have to admit, I did put them out of reach for a little while thinking I didn't want them to get lost! I have sense taken them down and let the girls play with them.

I did tell them we need to keep them with our school things so they don't go to the world of lost toys in their room! lol

Thanks Schleich for making good quality toys that my children and I can play with for years to come!
Want to read more reviews about Schleich Action Figures? Go to the TOS Homeschool Crew site for more!