Friday, December 12, 2008

Times Tales and Clean N' Flip

Times Tales
Trigger Memory Systems

Let me tell you a little about my oldest. She has had a desire for learning her multiplication tables for almost a year. She had gotten a Leapster for Christmas last year and one of the games had math problems. Multiplication was a higher level and no matter how many times I told her to use the lower levels with adding and subtracting she would go to the higher level of
multiplication. She actually did well, but would beg me to teach her multiplication. Well, I was trying to stay with the math curriculum that we currently are using and she isn't to that level yet. So we waited. When we got the Times Tales in the mail, I decided to try it with her and she got it! I plan to continue using it! Times Tales is set up to teach your children their times tables with little rhymes and stories. They have cute pictures to trigger the memory. It also comes with cards to change from the words and pictures to just the pictures and then just the multiplication problem. So the children can relate the story to the math fact. I remember as a child learning better with rhymes and silly stories to TRIGGER my memory! So this program really makes sense to me! I have already recommended it to others and plan to do more. The cost for the Times Tales Program is $29.95 For Just $5 more you can get a mini flip book for your children to use on their own. For more information go to the site here!

Clean N Flip Room Cleaning For Kids!

So are you tired of cleaning up after your children? Well, this may be your answer. Teach your children how to clean! Trigger Memory Systems has 3 Cleaning charts that you can purchase. One is Bedroom Cleaning for Kids, Zone Cleaning for Kids, and Laundry for Kids!

This looks like a great system for teaching your Kids to be responsible.
I plan to do this in the near future with my girls. I don't see the Laundry one happening for a while. Since my girls are only 5 and 7, but the Bedroom Cleaning will happen soon. I will let you know how that goes. I love the idea of the Zone Cleaning, but don't know if my girls are old enough to grasp the idea of it. That one may wait also.

My Mom growing up was always a list maker. She would make list of housework that needed done each day and as it was done it would be marked off the list. It always worked for her and I guess for us too, because she made us list too. lol

I feel that it is our responsiblity as parents to train our children. That includes cleaning our house and taking care of their space. So this will help in that area!

If you would like to know more you can visit Trigger Memory Systems website. You can get all three charts for a combined price of $29.95. You can also just purchase the Bedroom Cleaning Chart for $7.95 or you can get the Bedroom Cleaning and the Zone Cleaning for $22.95. So go and check it out for yourself!

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