Friday, December 12, 2008



Let me tell you about a website that we recently had the opportunity to try. It is a learning website for educators. On the site you find that The Professor has done a lot of research about puppets and the effects that they have on how Children learn. Also you have access to a lot of puppet patterns to use to guide you children in puppet making. The Professor feels that puppets change the way that your children learn. Personally I am do not feel that this is a new concept. I have always known that kids learn while playing and see the effects of that in my children. My kids are puppet loving kids and they make up their own puppets all the time. Sometimes it is a paper bag puppet, sometimes it is a toilet paper cardboard puppet. Just the other day my little girl made one with an empty kool aid drink bottle. So kids can use that imagination any time and I just don't feel that it is a new concept. However, there may be some educators or parents out there that don't have imaginative children and they may need the benefit of such a site. So here you go..... The fee involved with the site is my biggest detour. You can get a 60 day trial subscription for $20.00 or a Group Subscription for $99.00 This is for one year of access! Now if you have a co-op or a group of school teachers that want to do this it might be worth it for you. I personally don't think it will ever be worth it for me or my family. There are just too many free things online. Go to the site and decide for yourself. One more thing I want to add, The Professor had stated to the TOS crew that he had decided to change the price for single families to just $20.00, but he has not changed that as of yet on his site.

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