Sunday, December 28, 2008

Math Mammoth

So, let's talk MATH!

As a homeschool Mom of two beautiful girls I have to tell you that deciding what curriculum to use and what methods to try is a lot of work! In fact sometimes it is my biggest worry. Is this working for my kids? Are they learning what they need to know? Well, being a member of the TOS Crew has opened up a lot of possibilities for our family and our curriculum choices. We have had the chance to try a lot of different items that are marketed to the Homeschool world.

One of them that we had the chance to try is MATH MAMMOTH! This curriculum was designed by a mother herself! Maria Miller! She wanted to design a Math Curriculum that was affordable for Homeschooling families that were trying to stretch each and every dollar! And she did a great job!

She has four different series of workbooks available! Each for different levels of learning. They are available as PDF downloads or CD.

We had the chance to try two of her Blue
Series books, Place Value 1 and Multiplication. The books are full of worksheets that you can print all or just what you want. If your child is struggling in a certain area you can print extra practice for them. The good thing about the pdf's is that you can print as many copies for your children as you need. You also have the choice to pick and choose the worksheet. My daughter hates to do skip counting and I have just about decided to move past it, so I didn't do those lessons. My choice and you have yours. lol For the cost of the books you really can not go wrong! No matter where you go, I don't think you can find the quality of worksheets and quantity either for the price.

The blue series covers grades 1-3 for the total download
price of $60.00! That is 1300 lessons! And 3 grades! Now, because Maria Miller wants this to be affordable for you she also will sell you the individual lessons, like the Place Value 1 that I had the chance to try for the low price of $3.00! Now we can handle that for sure!

The Multiplication lessons that she sent us is so neat. I haven't had the opportunity to actually use it yet, but I think my daughter will like it. The way that she explains multiplication makes so much sense. It really gets down on that second grader level and shows them how it works. And you can get this book in pdf for the price of $4.50! I think that is great! So you want to know what I think of Math Mammoth? I think it is great! You will not be disappointed.

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