Thursday, December 18, 2008

Core Learning

Crayola Art Studio

We had the opportunity to use Crayola Art Studio from Core Learning! Now let me tell you how much my kids love this program. I have had to limit the amount of time using it. Of course anytime my oldest is on the computer she doesn't want to get off. lol This program though is exactly her speed. She loves art and being creative as well. She can sit and change it and do more over and over again. I have played with it as well and was very pleased with all that you can do with it. There are so many different mediums that you can use to create with. Such as paint, crayons, colored pencils and more. They have some of the neatest stamps to use and you can make all kinds of designs with those. The best thing about the program that I have found is that it can be saved as a jpg image and used in other programs. So, say you want to make a calendar for Grandpa you can let the kids create the art for each page. lol That is one thing that I plan on getting done soon. lol I will have to share pictures of that when we get it done. I feel that this would be an awesome program for anyone who has a little artistic desire. Even if you don't have kids, because you would actually get to use it. lol My kids see me on that program and automatically want to take over. lol So....... interested and want to know more....... well, I guess I could share! lol Oh, before I do, let me tell you that Core Learning has a lot of other programs as well. They have Math, Language and Health Curriculum's ! There are lots of neat things to consider on their site! So go and check it out for yourself! Oh one more thing the cost for the Art Studio is $24.95! Oh.... the website.... did I forget to tell you where????? Just kidding, here is the place to go .......

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