Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

My beautiful girls!

The Foster's

Kaylee at the "Foster Family" Christmas

Tori's first "Foster Family" Christmas!

Just wanted to share some beautiful picture's with everyone! We have had a good Christmas this year, despite all that is missing. We have really missed my father in law this Christmas and we all feel the loss. I feel that we created some great memories though with the children and grandchildren that will help us to make it through this year.

The girls have been so blessed with so much this year. I actually think they realize it too. Sometimes you think your children only think on the level of more and more, but I have seen a great attitude of love and thankfulness out of my girls this year. No, they are not perfect children! If they were their room would be clean! lol I am just blessed with good girls and so thankful for them. I am so thankful that they are thankful and appreciative of all God has blessed them with. I hope that we can always keep this attitude going in them.

It has been a good Christmas and we are all so Blessed of God! Thank you, Jesus for all you have done for us! Happy Birthday!

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