Friday, November 28, 2008

Time 4 Learning

Time 4 Learning

We think that all the time is time for learning at our house! I want my children to learn about all the things that go on all around them. Of course we also use text book's to learn too. Which is not my kids favorite way to learn. Well let me tell you about a way that they LOVE!

We have had a chance to try Time 4 Learning with both of my girls recently. It is an online learning program. They set up an account for each child and the lessons are based on your child's level of learning. Of course if you want to change those levels you can change them to higher or lower if your child needs that.

They have a timer that you as a parent can set for a certain amount of time and the children must do that amount of lessons to get to go to the playground. The playground is all kinds of fun online games. Mine love the lessons almost as much as the playground. My oldest especially loves using the computer to do school work and looks forward to doing it as much as possible. She has learned a lot from Time 4 Learning in the short time that we have used it. She would love to continue the subscription!

Here is some basic information for you about Time 4 Learning!

  • 4 grade levels to choose from!
  1. Pre-K to 1st grade
  2. 2nd to 3rd grade
  3. 4th to 5th grade
  4. 6th to 8th grade
  • Cost is $19.95 per month for first child
  • Cost of $14.95 per month for each additional child
If you are looking for a curriculum that covers the bases and keeps track of your child's progress this may be the site for you. One thing to take into consideration is that this is a curriculum that is used by public schools. It is not a christian curriculum. My kids were using the younger levels and we had no problems with anything that wasn't pleasing to my family. We always have our children online with us and the volume is turned up to hear what they are learning. Just for your knowledge, if you are looking for strictly christian based curriculum, you need to try this for the free 14 day trial and see what you think before making your decision. Thanks to Time 4 Learning for letting our family have the opportunity to try your site.

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