Friday, November 28, 2008

Did you know there was a Little Man In The Map?

Did you know that there was a little man in the Map?

We have been learning the names of the States this school year and making a United States Noteboo
k. We have been learning each state and where it is located, the state flower, bird and flag. My oldest has learned a lot of information doing this and has developed an interest in The United States map. So we were excited to get this book in the mail. It is a cute book that teaches all the States with rhymes. My husband and I have really enjoyed sharing about The Little Man In The Map to all our family and friends! So many people have never noticed him there before!

I have always enjoyed learning things with rhymes and songs and so do my children. So this book is perfect for that! My kids like to make up songs and rhymes all the time for learning things. So if you are trying to create a joy for learning in your children go to Schoolside Press and see the book. You can get the book for $19.95. The Little Man In The Map Wall Map is $21.95! They have a combo special for both items for the price of $35.00. They are also offering FREE SHIPPING for the holidays! This would be a great gift for your children or grandchildren this year!

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