Friday, October 10, 2008

A letter from Olivia's Mother

I wanted to share this with you so you could understand better what Olivia has been through. Through this I am hoping to pull on your heartstrings to help this family. If you can not afford $25.00 you can give less. Just contact them and they will tell you how to do it. Here is the website again.

David Family Website

God bless you Sister Angie! Thank you for being one of Olivia's Angels! She has a team of Angels that I didnt even know she had. God is so AWESOME! I pray that God will pour out a blessing that you cannot contain it all. Olivia has Cerebral Palsy but the docs dont know WHY she has Epilepsy due to the C.P.Her heart malfunctioned and STOPPED! She now has a pacemaker. She has had 2 eye surgeries because her eyes crossed. She use to have 40-50 words but she lost ALL her words. The doctors dont know WHY. They suspect Mitochondria disease or autoimmune disease. We are waiting on test results. She had 2 spinal taps last month that revealed white cells in her spinal fluid. That is BAD! The docs dont know WHY! She also had surgery to get a port last month to receive IVIG treatments. Her lil body is attacking itself. Olivia has the most beautiful smile and the best hugs! She is our lil miracle! It is such an HONOR and a BLESSING to be chosen to be mommy of a "special" baby!
Thank you so much for ALL that you are doing for my baby! God bless you!!
Love and Prayers! Monica David

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