Thursday, April 24, 2008


At the roadside park on the way.
It was very windy!

Well, we are home from our trip! I am gradually adjusting to life at home again. The time change and lack of sleep while I was gone really hit me once we got home. I also haven't felt too good the last few days on top of being so tired. lol Today is better though, so I am looking forward to be back to my usual. I have so much to share about our trip, I really don't know where to start! lol We started our trip on Friday, April 11th and we came home on Sunday, April 20th! We arrived in White Pine about 4:30 PM on Friday and went to see my sister and Trinity and my new nephew "Corey Lee" ! He is a doll baby, I tried to steal him, but I don't think they would have let me get too far! :) If they are reading this post, anytime you are ready for me to take him home with me, just let me know! lol We also got to see Aunt Alice, Amy, and the kids for a few minutes too. That was fun, the kids sure have grown a lot! :) The trip continues on and on and I think I will post more about it later. Here are a few pictures I took along the way! lol

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smileingturtle said...

You have beautiful girls. I am really proud of the way that you have raised them. You are a great mother your mom would have been proud. Go GIRLS