Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heaven's Grocery Store

Heaven's Grocery Store
I was walking down life's highway a long time ago.
One day I saw a sign that read Heaven's Grocery Store.
As I got a little closer, the door came open wide,

And when I came to myself, I was standing inside.
I saw a host of angels; they were standing everywhere.

And one angel said," My child shop with care."
Everything a Christian needs was in the grocery store.

And all you couldn't carry you could come back the next day for more.
First I got some patience, love was in the same row.

Further down was understanding, you need that everywhere you go.
I got a box or two of wisdom, a bag or two of faith.

I just couldn't miss the Holy Ghost for it was all over the place.
I stopped to get some strength & courage to help me run the race.

But then my basket was getting full, but I remembered I needed some grace.
I didn't forget salvation for salvation was free.

So, I tried to get enough of that to save you and me.
Then I started to the counter to pay my grocery bill.

For I thought I had everything to do my Masters will.
As I went up the aisle, I saw prayer and just had to put that in.

For I knew when I stepped outside, I would run right into sin.
Peace and joy were plentiful, they were on the last shelf.

Song and praises were hanging near so I just helped myself.
I asked, How much do I owe?

He just smiled and said, just take them everywhere you go.
Then I said, How much do I really owe?

He smiled and said, My child, Jesus paid your bill a long time ago.

Written by: Ron DeMarco & Friend

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