Friday, January 11, 2008

I just had to post this video of my Dad and my girls! I apologize for it being turned the wrong way. I have a habit of taking pictures this way and didn't even think about not being able to turn a video. This was a once in a lifetime video and I may never get a chance for another one like it, so I had to share!

For Christmas my oldest daughter Hannah wanted a new digital camera. Well..... we didn't get to get one. So yesterday when we did our grocery shopping, the girls ask could they spend some of their money out of their banks and we said yes. They each had $10 to spend. Then we met Terry's uncle and he gave the girls another $10 to spend so that made $20 each to spend. Well, Walmarts had a big sell on toys and things from Christmas and she found her a digital camera! She was so excited! She said I had to tell about it on my blog! lol I was a bit disappointed with the camera and even tried to get her to let me return it and let her pick something else, but she said no with tears in her eyes. So I just emailed the company and let them know my disappointment! Sorry, sometimes I just think it is necessary to let companies know when we are happy and sad about products we buy! So she is happy with the camera and the idea of taking her own pictures. Here is a picture that we took with the camera! See why I am a bit disappointed! lol Anyway, I guess for a camera for a 6 year old to use it is probably fine.

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