Monday, December 10, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun.....

Well here I am again. My kids were sick several days last week, so no time to post! :( We made a few memories in between the sick days. :) I want to share a few pictures here. :) We made salt dough ornaments and painted them. :) This was fun. We are going to give some of them away to our friends. :) We also made gingerbread men hooked together and put clothes on some and colored some. The girls liked this. :) We are trying to work on a gingerbread lapbook a little at a time too. :) Hannah made a 100 on her spelling test this week too. So things are going good. :) She is doing better and better at her writing and learning to read. She can read simple books, but she gets discouraged easily. We are trying to work more on that. :) Madison is doing good. Her speech is getting so good. She says so many grown up statements! lol She is doing good with counting too. :) We are working on colors and the alpahabet. She gets part of the letters then she gets mixed up, but we are in no hurry to teach it either. We are just going at her pace. :) Sometimes I forget that! I have to remind myself that the kids are learning so much and it don't have to be so hard! :)
The girls are so excited about tonight. The Walnut Christmas Parade is tonight and they are going to ride on our church float. I pray it don't rain. Well I need to go, I got so much to get done today. :) Have a great day!

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