Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just another day!!

Well today was just another day in the life of the Foster family. Hannah earned another star on her math chart. She is getting better at her addition each day. I think we are going to start focusing more on subtraction next week. She doesn't like subtraction very well. She is learning more and more words too. We started a new word list and she earns stars for each word she can read and spell without looking. She earned 4 today! I am proud of her! Madison is doing good at counting also. She counted to 10 with me several times. She is a reluctant learner, we have to kinda trick her into learning. :) Hannah also is working on learning a new bible verse. I tried to get her to sing it and learn it, but I was unsuccessful, so we will work on that again tomorrow. I have learned that some things are better to take slow. :) Well this has been our day of homeschool, we will see what tomorrow holds. Goodnight.

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